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On this site you will find out all about the world's first multi-national company - Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (United (Dutch) East Indies Company), or VOC, - and their mariners, ships and the impact they had on Western Australia long before white colonialisation in 1829. More.
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For a quick summary of 150 years of exploration and mapping of the North, West and South coast of Australia by Dutch VOC mariners between 1606 and  1756 see "Voyages and Expeditions" and Mapping the Coast
This website covers many aspects of the history of the VOC in Australia. Use the Quick Links menu (left) to locate relevant web pages or, alternatively, use the Site Map page. This provides a structured view of all the pages on this website with more detailed descriptions of their content.
For a comprehensive view of VOC activities on Western Australia's "Maritime Heritage Coast" click here
Aagtekerke found?
Shipwreck hunters believe they have found the wreck of the VOC ship Aagtekerke which had been missing since it left Cape Town en route to Batavia in the Dutch East Indies in early 1726. More
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